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Starting your Close-up adventure in photography

Updated: Feb 21

Part 1

1. Familiarise yourself with your gear

It's crucial to understand the capabilities of your camera and lens. While dedicated macro lenses excel in capturing close-up shots, you can also explore alternative options such as extension tubes, close-up filters, or even a lens reversal ring to achieve magnification with standard lenses.

In my Lego project, I primarily relied on my Fuji XT-3 paired with an 18-55mm lens, complemented by my dependable iPhone for moments requiring swift capture.

close-up photography including a lego man with mushrooms.

2. Choose your subject wisely

When embarking on my Lego Adventurer journey, I sought out subjects brimming with captivating textures, intricate patterns, and captivating details that would shine in close-up shots. From vibrant flowers to delicate insects, from ordinary objects to the rich textures of wood or fabric, the possibilities were endless. Opting for an expedition into the forest, I eagerly anticipated discovering what treasures awaited our intrepid explorer amidst nature's splendour.

Close-up of a lego adventurer beside some dead mans finger mushrooms

3. Opt for manual focus

Ensuring pinpoint accuracy in close-up photography is paramount, particularly when contending with a shallow depth of field. Employ manual focus to meticulously sharpen the key elements of your subject. Stability is equally vital, so secure your setup with a tripod or sturdy support. Enhance precision further by utilising a cable release or the camera's built-in timer to minimise any potential for camera shake.

close-up of a lego adventurer beside a mushroom

4. Master your composition

Employ fundamental composition principles such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, and thoughtful framing to craft visually captivating close-up images. Explore diverse angles, perspectives, and framing techniques to accentuate the distinctive features of your subject. In the case of the Lego adventurer, capturing his essence was akin to photographing a model on a real-world set; it involved meticulous consideration of his gaze and posture, strategically placing him within the frame using the rule of thirds to create a harmonious composition.

close-up of a lego adventurer resting on a mushroom

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